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Estimates “Expert V6” - solution for a successful construction business!

Estimates “Expert V6” - the most recent software, convenient and easy to use, has a computer friendly user interface, with great functionality. This software integrates the latest modules, using modern programming technologies. Recommended for those who value speed and convenience. Estimates are saved in MS Excel format, so they can be copied to any computer that has MS Excel, and edited and printed even without the software of estimates. MS Excel environment gives the user great freedom and flexibility, easy and speed estimates editing. All of this increases productivity and saves time. The program has the ability to translate the estimates to English /Russian languages, import from DBF format and export to DBF, convert any currency of the world, draw construction diagram, and much, much more!

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Software Requirements:
  • MS Office Excel 2007 or 2010(32bit) or 2013(32bit) or 2016(32bit) or Office 365  Business(32bit) or Office 365 Business Premium(32bit)

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